Baluch Students March to “Bury Dark University Decisions in the Graveyard of History”

Mian Channu (Punjab): A protest of Baloch students against the collection of fees by the Bahauddin Zakaria University has entered the fourth day of the long march.  The marchers have reached Mian Channu. However, no government official or a government has reached out to them to redress their demands. 

The students started their long march in Khanewal, with the aim to reach Islamabad, where they will raise their demands by holding protest camps or hunger strikes.  The students are seeking the restoration of the old policy at Bahauddin Zakaria University, including the issuance of scholarships for the tribal areas of Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur and the allocation of seats in every department of the university. 

The students area also protesting over the issue of reserved seats in all other universities of Punjab. The protesters are upset about the process of reducing the number of reserved seats in all other universities of the province and they are demanding the restoration of these scholarships. 

The protest is backed by all Baloch councils in Punjab. 

The Baloch Students Council Multan decided to hold the protest march after no action was taken despite a-day protest camp in front of the main gate of BZDO.  The march started when one of the participants, a student, was hit and injured by a motorcyclist near Kokcha khoh.

The Baloch students said they were determined to face the difficulties of the journey. They pledged to “bury these dark decisions in the graveyard of history.”

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