BNP MPA Opposes Federation’s Control of Baluchistan and Sindh’s Islands

QUETTA: Sanaullah Baloch, a member of the Baluchistan Assembly from the Balochistan National Party (BNP), has said that the islands of Baluchistan and Sindh have historically belonged to two federating units, adding that the federal government’s plans to take control of them would further strain the ongoing tense relations between the provinces and the federation.

“In Pakistan, Rs 2,000 billion is spent annually on the administration,” he said in a tweet, adding that the coasts and islands could not be brought under the control of the federation by issuing a presidential ordinance.

“People of Pakistan are going through the worst period in the history. We need smart decisions, smart governance and people-friendly decisions,” he remarked.

Mr. Baloch said Khuzdar is Baluchistan’s second largest city. It needs dozens of colleges and universities, the provincial government is acting without keeping in consideration the will of the people. The decision should be taken after a debate in the Baluchistan Assembly as to which university should be abolished and which should be merged.

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