Six Shia Pilgrims Kidnapped in Balochistan

The BBC Urdu reported that at least six Shia pilgrims, who were returning from Iran, were abducted in Balochistan’s Panjgur district on Sunday, October 11. Local officials have confirmed the news, stating that the victims belong to Karachi and were on their way home from Panjgur.

The incident took place days after the Balochistan Chief Minister, Jam Kamal Khan, visited the area to open a campus of the Turbat University. According to an official statement of condemnation, the Chief Minister has taken notice of the incident and urged officials to take action to ensure the safe and timely recovery of the pilgrims. “The protection off people is the government’s first priority and elements disturbing law and order in the province will not be tolerated,” Kamal reportedly said.

While Panjgur and other districts in the Mekran division has remained the epicenter of nationalistic violence in recent past, the area has largely remained safe for Shia pilgrims who have crossed the border to go to Iran.

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