Malik Siraj Akbar

The BLA Must Not Use Women In Its Fight Against Pakistan

The BLA cannot solely hold the license to interpret what it means to be Baluch or what our core values and interests are. Hence, it’s the time for moderate and sensible voices among the Baluch who genuinely believe in justice for the Baluch to openly say that this violence in our name is unacceptable.

A Medieval Cabinet 

It is not as if Baluchistan has not produced these immensely articulate female activists. It’s just that Islamabad has been able to silence and quickly replace Baluchistan’s authentic female voices.

Surrender In Baluchistan

The people of Baluchistan must not be the scapegoat in this India-Pakistan politics. All the Hazaras deserve is a practical and timely action plan from the government. The country urgently needs a leader who says, “I am responsible” for the protection of my people instead of blaming others.