Malik Siraj Akbar

Who Is Killing Baluchistan’s Shia-Hazara?

The Baluch Hal editor Malik Siraj Akbar discusses the recent killing of 11 Shia-Hazara coal miners in Baluchistan’s Mach area and the background of these sectarian attacks.

End of an alliance pushes Balochistan further away

The current situation in Balochistan seems conducive for a political upheaval as widespread protests have erupted in the province against what the locals describe as the excesses of the death squads and criminal gangs allegedly backed by the establishment to keep a check on the establishment’s critics in the province.

Baluchistan: The Coronavirus Chaos

It is important for Jam Kamal and the team to realize that this situation is not all about them, nor is it a moment of personal publicity. It is a dire situation. They must keep themselves and their photos behind and let their actions speak for them.